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  • Harpreet Bhan
  • December 31, 2013
  • India
  • Senior Associate
  • English, Hindi, Punjabi
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As a certified Adizes Associate and VP , Mr Bhan, whilst leading and developing business in India and Middle East, also delivers
core Adizes programs to various clients.

Working closely with Dr. Adizes and the team, Mr Bhan brings to his work at the Adizes Institute, a rich and diverse background
from his Senior Management experience in Services, Contracting, Engineering Consultancy and Business Development fields.

Prior to joining Adizes, Mr Bhan served as Regional Director and board member for Asia and Middle East ,of a FTSE 50 British PLC with presence in 120 countires and a turnover in excess of USD 15 Billion. Specifically, Mr Bhan was responsible for a specialized services business spanning 43 countries in the region of Oceania, Asia and Middle East with an employee strength of 250,000. Throughout his career, Mr. Bhan has led startups in various countries, managed growth in a fast changing and high growth area, mergers & acquisitions , managed growth in troubled economic times, turned around loss making companies and led highly effective and core leadership teams. Mr Bhan was in direct operations as well as startegic support function of Head Office exposing him to the art of not just taking decisions but getting them implemented effectively.

Mr. Bhan has also worked for a global High Tech Company in India, a specialized Electrical Contractor in Abu Dhabi, UAE and also ran his own automobile agency responsible for Sales and Service of the automobiles giving him a varied and rich exposure. Mr Bhan has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has attended several leadership and management programs through his career. He is married and has two university going daughters and two foster daughters. He presently resides in Noida. Mr Bhan is an avid practioner and trainer of Heartfulness Meditation , which he credits as being the primary reason for his successes and balance in life. He devotes his spare time in passing on these simple life transformational and incredibly integrative techniques to all who may be interested in self development and improving their quality of life.



2020 Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Sydney, Australia
2018 Santa Barbara
2018 Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 Monterrey, Mexico
2017 Santa Barbara, USA
2016 Delhi, India
2015 Santa Barbara, USA
2014 Milocer, Montenegro
2013 Santa Barbara, USA
2012 St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Chapala, Mexico
2010 Tirana, Albania
2009 Las Vegas, Nevada
2008 Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Lake Palic, Serbia
2006 Chengdu China
2005 Miramichi, Canada
2004 Silkeborg Denmark
2003 Huatulco, Mexico
2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
2001 Ottawa, Canada
2000 Greenland
1999 Santa Barbara
1998 Antigua, West Indies
1997 Sesimbra, Portugal
1996 Santa Barbara
1995 Copenhagen, Denmar
1994 Stockholm, Sweden
1993 The Poconos, Pennsylvania
1992 Rota, Spain
1991 West Sussex, England
1990 Sonderborg, Denmark
1989 Oslo, Norway
1989 Miami, Florida
1988 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1987 Eilat, Israel
1986 Cota de Coza, California
1985 Dead Sea
1984 Marbella, Spain
1983 Cota de Coza, California
1982 Stockholm, Sweden
1981 Santa Monica, California
1980 Cota de Coza, California