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  • Boris Vukic
  • December 31, 1993
  • South-East Europe
  • Senior Associate
  • Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
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Mr. Boris Vukic is the Co-founder and Partner of Adizes Southeast Europe. He is responsible for Adizes business development in this region. He regularly lectures and consults on the Adizes methodology in Southeast Europe.

Boris was first introduced to the Adizes Methodology in September of 1994. He was promptly trained and then Certified in Phases I, II, and III in February 1997. Over the past twenty years, Boris has provided services to over 100 companies. He specializes in integrating teams of key managers to solve organizational transformation problems.

He coaches owners and founders through the transition process from entrepreneurship to professional management and specializes in teaching the transfer of practical knowledge, tools and management wisdom to young professionals.

Boris has been the featured speaker and presenter at several conferences and is known for his convincing and engaging presentations. Boris is the editor of the Adizes SEE Newsletter and has edited numerous management books.

He has written more than twenty articles on organizational development and actively contributes to management periodicals in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. He also wrote the forward in the Serbian editions of Dr. Adizes and Bo J├Ąghult books.

Boris lives with his wife and two children in Novi Sad, Serbia.


Associate of the Year 2002

Company of the Year 2012

Pursuit of Prime 2007


2020 Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Sydney, Australia
2018 Santa Barbara
2018 Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 Monterrey, Mexico
2017 Santa Barbara, USA
2016 Delhi, India
2015 Santa Barbara, USA
2014 Milocer, Montenegro
2013 Santa Barbara, USA
2012 St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Chapala, Mexico
2010 Tirana, Albania
2009 Las Vegas, Nevada
2008 Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Lake Palic, Serbia
2006 Chengdu China
2005 Miramichi, Canada
2004 Silkeborg Denmark
2003 Huatulco, Mexico
2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
2001 Ottawa, Canada
2000 Greenland
1999 Santa Barbara
1998 Antigua, West Indies
1997 Sesimbra, Portugal
1996 Santa Barbara
1995 Copenhagen, Denmar
1994 Stockholm, Sweden
1993 The Poconos, Pennsylvania
1992 Rota, Spain
1991 West Sussex, England
1990 Sonderborg, Denmark
1989 Oslo, Norway
1989 Miami, Florida
1988 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1987 Eilat, Israel
1986 Cota de Coza, California
1985 Dead Sea
1984 Marbella, Spain
1983 Cota de Coza, California
1982 Stockholm, Sweden
1981 Santa Monica, California
1980 Cota de Coza, California