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  • Barbara Bregar-Mrzlikar
  • December 31, 2017
  • Alpine
  • Certified Associate
  • Slovene, English
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Barbara has been since 2008 the director of CEED Slovenia (Center for Entrepreneurship & Executive Development) and recently became also the Global Program Manager working directly as part of the global team responsible for applying the CEED model to newly established CEED centers around the world.

Barbara has joined CEED in 2008 to help companies in their growth. She developed a comprehensive program that is based on sharing experiences,as well as training & coaching founders & business leaders of high growth companies. Over the 10 years CEED in Slovenia has thus helped over 500 companies, developed a network of over 100 professionals and mentors and has been an important contributor in building the entrepreneurial eco-systemin Slovenia. In her role she also acts as a mentor and trainer.

As CEED expanded internationally Barbara’s role expanded to support the newly established centers globally. Thus,she has helped establish the program in Macedonia, Kosovo, Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania, Armenia, Moldavia, Bulgaria & Romania and acts as part of the global team in the expansion strategy of CEED globally.

Prior to CEED, Barbara worked over 10 years in a leading Slovene software development company HERMESS of tlab that grew from a start-up to an international company with more than 1000 employees and offices all over Europe & the USA.

She started her career as the marketing & PR specialist, became the corporate communications & marketing manager and from 2005-2008 was the Strategy Office Manager supporting the Managing Board on strategic plan, M&A projects as well as other strategic initiatives.

Barbara has a Bachelor of Science from the Economic Faculty in Ljubljana, Slovenia and has finished the IEDC Executive MBA program in 2005



2020 Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Sydney, Australia
2018 Santa Barbara
2018 Baku, Azerbaijan
2017 Monterrey, Mexico
2017 Santa Barbara, USA
2016 Delhi, India
2015 Santa Barbara, USA
2014 Milocer, Montenegro
2013 Santa Barbara, USA
2012 St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 Vilnius, Lithuania
2011 Chapala, Mexico
2010 Tirana, Albania
2009 Las Vegas, Nevada
2008 Istanbul, Turkey
2007 Lake Palic, Serbia
2006 Chengdu China
2005 Miramichi, Canada
2004 Silkeborg Denmark
2003 Huatulco, Mexico
2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
2001 Ottawa, Canada
2000 Greenland
1999 Santa Barbara
1998 Antigua, West Indies
1997 Sesimbra, Portugal
1996 Santa Barbara
1995 Copenhagen, Denmar
1994 Stockholm, Sweden
1993 The Poconos, Pennsylvania
1992 Rota, Spain
1991 West Sussex, England
1990 Sonderborg, Denmark
1989 Oslo, Norway
1989 Miami, Florida
1988 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1987 Eilat, Israel
1986 Cota de Coza, California
1985 Dead Sea
1984 Marbella, Spain
1983 Cota de Coza, California
1982 Stockholm, Sweden
1981 Santa Monica, California
1980 Cota de Coza, California